A new series of TOMPLAN caravans

We would like to present you our new product; the “Mini Tommy” trailer from the TMC series which started the development of our family of caravans. Mini Tommy is a typical mini caravan. It is available in 2 versions: basic and full (equipped with additional installations). Seemingly small dimensions ensure comfortable rest for 2 people, and there is a lot of usable space. The dimensions inside are 252x140x121 cm, where the sleep area is 201 cm long. The usable area behind the partition at the rear is 479 mm long, which is more than enough as a luggage space in the basic version. In the full version, this space is used for buildings with a gas installation, stove, sink and a 20-liter refrigerator that can be powered with 12V while driving and 230V from a connection socket when parked. In addition, the trailer in this version is equipped with a radio and the necessary USB charger. As standard, each trailer is equipped with: shock absorbers, a mattress with a ventilation mat, a roof window, side windows 700 × 500 as well as a side (entrance) and rear flap. Small dimensions and low permissible total weight of 750 kg make the trailer an ideal alternative for all users of category B vehicles who like to spend their holidays at the campsite.