Mobile travel stall

Mobile sales became very popular way to reach new customers nowdays. And we’re not talking about about foodtruck thing.

For independent sellers who want to get to the buyer and present their commercial offer, Tomplan has prepared a mobile and functional trailer – a travel stall. The trailer is perfect for trading at marketplaces, stock exchanges, festivities, etc. It is a universal model, thanks to which you can sell different kinds of goods from it.

Trailer with the body of: 245 cm length, 150 cm width ,200 cm height , is built on the basis of sandwich technology, which results in the use of excellent parameters of wall insulation. Two fold-out tables at the front and rear as well as a lamp with a 230V installation designed to connect the necessary devices create functional elements for the user. The trailer has 4 adjustable stabilizers – two at the back and two at the front. All four flaps are openable, making it easier for the user to reach the trailer from all sides. In addition, the flaps are covered with a tarpaulin, which protects the customer against weather conditions.

Take advantage of the offer!