Plywood vans are made on stable welded and hot dip galvanized structures, as one or two axis. The bodies and the floor are made of special, waterproof laminated plywood, resistant to moisture and UV radiation. The trailers have a double-leaf, lockable rear door locked with a key, thanks to which transport of goods becomes safe and the goods themselves are protected from the weather conditions, replacing a typical delivery vehicle. Each trailer is equipped with rear stabilization supports, a support wheel and handles in the load securing floor. In addition, straps securing the load on the side walls can be mounted, thanks to which the goods will be safely delivered to the destination. Trailers can also be in the version with a rear gangway or doors and side flaps.




TOMPLAN sets new design trends in the area of ​​insulated bodies. The next stage of development is a modern and practical line of wagon-type trailers with a “sandwich” type body. 30 mm thick walls and roof filled with excellent XPS insulation is called “Isothermal monolith” with excellent insulation parameters and is used to transport various types of goods sensitive to temperature changes. The inner and outer sheathing of the smooth laminate ensures a homogeneous flat surface, perfect for applying various types of permanent ads. The rounded form of the body provides better tightness due to elimination of joints and facilitating the outflow of water from the roof. The floor is made of waterproof, non-slip plywood, equipped with special cargo handles, thanks to which loading pallets is simple and safe. The trailers are equipped with rear double-leaf doors, bolted and locked, support wheel, two rear and floor supports, and cargo holders. In addition, the load securing strips can be mounted on the side walls. These trailers can also be found in the version with a rear gangway, and doors and flaps on the side walls.




For motorized owners of compact cars with limited transport capacity, TOMPLAN has prepared a range of Mini Cargo trailers. Trailers are categorized in the group of lightweight non-breaking trailers, with DMC 750 kg and made in the technology of insulated walls, as typical closed box vans These trailers are ideal for transporting light goods and act as an additional trunk of the car. Depending on your needs, we offer 3 different body lengths to choose from: 150, 210 and 260 cm. 25 mm wall thickness and roof filled with XPS insulation is the so-called “Isothermal monolith” with excellent insulation parameters and is used to transport various types of goods, also sensitive to temperature changes. The rounded form of the body ensures better tightness and aerodynamics. The floor is made of waterproof, non-slip plywood. In addition, the trailer can be equipped with special cargo holders, thanks to which the transport of goods is simple and safe. Trailers are equipped with rear double doors, bolted and locked.




We make light buildings made in a modern technology of sandwich panels, where the external and internal coating is made of polyester laminate or varnished aluminum sheet, and thermal insulation is XPS styrofoam with different thicknesses. Based on this technology, so-called “Light container” are built-up and specialized trailers such as: buildings for various technical, gastronomic, tourism and sport usage, or other for social purposes.




TOMPLAN offers a novelty – trailers for transporting small and medium sized animals, e.g. dogs, foxes, etc. Innovative solutions of these trailers are characterized by original design and excellent insulation properties that work well in both low and high temperatures. Thanks to the soundproofed, sealed and ventilated structure, the animals are transported in a comfortable and safe way. We offer trailers in two main types: the … s series in the shape of a small caravan and the … e series in a traditional shape (a rectangular body). For transporting accessories for animals, trailers are equipped with luggage hatches, series … s – in the front wall and optional upper hatch, series … e – upper luggage compartment. In addition, trailers are equipped with roof rails used to attach the luggage rack or the roof box. Our range of light trailers for transporting animals covers the whole range of versions depending on the individual needs of the user: for two, three or four animals. Our new offer met with great interest of many groups of users, for example: schools and dog breeders, hunting clubs, municipal and municipal guards, companies organizing hunting and forest inspectorates.




Tomplan isothermal trailers from the Cargo Therm line are popular isotherms made in the sandwich wall technology. The trailers are designed for transporting products that require a relatively stable positive temperature in the range from 0 to approx. 6◦C. This is ensured by the appropriate construction of thick sandwich walls with a thickness of 54 mm and floors of 60 mm and a mounted refrigeration unit of the GOVI brand.



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