The new version of the social trailer

We are pleased to announce that the next project that was created in TOMPLAN is a construction trailer adapted to the necessary equipment for social and living purposes.

The trailer was built for the needs of companies using it for field work. The basis of this project was the insulated body of a single-axle trailer with a GVC of 1,300 kg and dimensions of 3.6 m in length; 2.0 m wide and 2.3 m inside height.

There are 2 annexes with a cupboard and a washbasin, a tap and a refrigerator,

The main room has an electric thermal bath, a table and folding benches.

Inside the trailer there is an electrical installation: ceiling lamp, switch, 1 double socket, electrical connection and a 230V fuse box.

The entrance door is covered by a curtain and there is a large camping window at the rear.