Weekend recreation with TOMPLAN

We are pleased to present you a new model of insulated trailer from the group of Mini Cargo trailers with a very versatile application. This trailer can be used to carry luggage and can also be used as a so-called “A small night shelter” in which 2 adults can rest freely after the difficult trip. It is a great way to travel and spend free time for campers and recreation fans who appreciate freedom, mobility and independence. The Mini Cargo Plus that provides a versatile interior can be additionally equipped with windows, shelves with lighting and a mattress, which allows you to change the function of the trailer from the baggage to the sitting area. With a maximum weight of 750 kg and a lightweight design is intended for all car users. Like a romantic trip for two – it’s only with a trailer TOMPLAN!

In a short time, we will introduce you to other varieties of Mini Cargo Plus with an even more versatile surface.