TOMPLAN offers you comprehensive industrial services:

1) CNC cutting sheets of steel/aluminum with CNC laser 4kW or 8kW ,
2) cutting profiles and pipes with a CNC laser
3) CNC bending steel sheets,
4) welding steel / aluminum,
5) steel constructions,
6) 2D / 3D design,
7) technical consulting.

The innovative CNC fiber laser is absolutely the latest technology of effective cut any shapes from sheet metal. It ensures precise and efficient preparation of ordered products made of aluminum, stainless steel, acid resistant steel and steel – always in full accordance with the sent specification. The scope of the working field is 2000 mm x 4000 mm; maximum sheet thickness – 16 mm – for steel; 8 mm – for aluminum and stainless steel.

With the use of modern CNC edge works with a pressure from 25 to 300 tons, we perform precise bending of sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 5 mm with a bending length of up to 4 m.

We guarantee high quality services. Contact with us today to book your services.

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