About Us

TOMPLAN Group – is a group of dynamically developing and mutually cooperating Polish production companies, producing car trailers, trailer components, and tarpaulins.

The TOMPLAN brand has existed for over 25 years and is already known on many foreign markets. We are present in countries such as: Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Australia.

TOMPLAN Group offers products and services such as:

  • production of built-in trailers (commercial, vans, isotherms, caravans etc.)
    and components for trailers,
  • production of tarpaulins for trailers and advertisements on vehicles,
  • industrial services (such as cutting and bending sheet metal and welding)
  • construction services for trailers and their components.


We create and set trends in the ever better quality of our trailers.

Ads and canvas

We offer an effective form of visual identification in the form of advertising on means of transport.

Industrial services

The innovative CNC fiber laser is absolutely the latest technology of effective cut any shapes from sheet metal.

The TOMPLAN Group dynamically invests in the development of its brand and the search for innovative technical solutions, follows trends and modern solutions, responding to the growing market demand for trailers for various purposes.

Our goal is to meet the high quality requirements of our clients, thanks to constant quality control of our products. Through continuous development of personnel and using modern machinery in the production process, we create products of outstanding quality.

Our products with their technical solutions fit into the market of the largest western manufacturers of global brands. All TOMPLAN trailers have European approvals authorizing them to be registered in every European country.

Company history timeline:

1998 – the company TOMPLAN PLANDEKI is established with headquarters in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, which started with the production and service of tarpaulins for trailers and semi-trailers.

2007 – the company’s headquarters was moved to Lubochnia, where a new production hall with an office and social building was built. The company is located at this address to this day.

2011 – TOMPLAN KONSTRUKCJE was established and launched in Lubochnia, specializing in the production of steel structures and components for trailers.

2014 – a parent company was established – TOMPLAN Sp. z o.o., which united all companies, including TOMPLAN PLANDEKI; the new company was established in order to continue the production of tarpaulins under a changed name and legal form.

2015 – TOMPLAN Sp. z o.o. starts the production of its own O1 and O2 categories car trailers with a GVM up to 3,500 kg.

2017 – TOMPLAN GROUP Sp. z o.o. sp.k. was launched to which the company TOMPLAN KONSTRUKCJE was contributed, which is a continuation of activities in the production of metal products. A new production hall was built in the same year.

2020 – serial production of the first “Mini Tommy” trailer with a GVM of 750 kg begins. Small dimensions and low Gross Vehicle Mass of 750 kg make this model unique on the European market. It is a mini caravan, available in 2 versions: basic and fully equipped (additionally equipped with
a kitchenette).

2021 – the construction of a new trailer assembly hall with an office and social building has started. Due to this investment, TOMPLAN Sp. z o.o. received a positive decision on support from the Management Board of the ŁSEZ S.A., and thus the Company was admitted to the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

In the same year, series production of the trailer of a typical, fully equipped “Tommy” caravan began. The unquestionable advantage of this trailer its total weight of 750 kg. Despite the small dimensions, the trailer is fully functional, and the version of the trailer with heating allows you to rest in it also after the summer season.