About us

TOMPLAN GROUP consists mostly of two companies - both Polish and mutually cooperating, producing light trailers, metal constructions, components for trailers and tarpaulins.

The brand is present in many European markets and our ambition is to sell products in other countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe as well.

The origins of the company date back to 1998. The TOMPLAN PLANDEKI started production and service of tarpaulins for trailers and semi-trailers in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. In 2007 there were built new facilities in Lubochnia, where the company has been operating until now. Established in 2011 TOMPLAN KONSTRUKCJE expanded the company’s portfolio by production of steel constructions and trailer components.

In 2014, TOMPLAN PLANDEKI was transformed into TOMPLAN Sp. z o.o., whose subject of activity is the production of light trailers and car bodies, tarpaulins and all kinds of tarpaulin material products.

In April 2017 TOMPLAN KONSTRUKCJE was replaced by TOMPLAN GROUP Sp. z o.o. spk. Both companies cooperate tightly on the basis of synergy in production of steel constructions and components for trailers. For effective management and quality assurance of products and services at the declared level, TOMPLAN GROUP have introduced and maintain a quality management system based on the PN-ISO 9001: 2009 standard, supplemented with requirements for appropriate approvals.

The Group continue to invest in the development of the TOMPLAN brand and search for innovative technical recipes, follow trends and modern solutions, responding to the growing market demand for trailers and trailer equipment.

Thanks to the modern machine park, TOMPLAN GROUP offer comprehensive laser and plasma cutting services for steel and aluminum sheets. Over a dozen of years, the team of designers and constructors has gathered new experiences and made products that meet the expectations of the Western Europe trailer markets with global trends in technical solutions.

TOMPLAN offer products and services as follow:

  • special purpose light trailers,
  • the construction of trailers and trailer components;
  • tarpaulin covers for trailers and semi-trailers;
  • advertisements on vehicles and buildings as well as free-standing objects and banners;
  • products of sandwich type construction made of polyester-glass laminates;
  • comprehensive CNC cutting services with laser and plasma of steel and aluminum sheets as well as sheet metal bending;
  • steel and aluminum welding;

2D and 3D design and technical consulting